Google Apps – Collaboration at its best!

I am asked by many schools about the implementation of Google Apps, whether it was a good move, whether it was easy, whether its used much and I answer yes, yes and yes!

Implementing Google Apps was an amazing decision, email use rocketed! And all for FREE! Thanks Google!

We started off by migrating all our current mail to Googles servers using there imap migration wizard then switched the MX records for our domain to point to Googles servers and we were up and running.

A few staff were not initially keen on the conversation view for their emails but quickly got used to it and now would say they prefer it.

Google Apps is so much more than just an email system, you have the ability to work on live spreadsheets and documents with your whole departments making changes, live! Sending questionnaires (forms) has become hugely popular something which we would never have done before is now just a few clicks away.
Calendars are synced with phones etc and you can even build your own website in minutes all with no need for technical staff to install a thing.

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