Cube Live – Google Books Powered School Library

At Churston we are always developing new products and our CFGSLive system has created many talking points. Our most recent success has been the development of our new library system. I have had lots of requests to know more about it so I thought I would quickly detail the main features.

All of the book covers, details and ratings are all powered by Googles Books API.


CubeLive Dashboard


The dashboard is the home screen for the library.

  • Featured Author
  • Featured Book
  • Recommended Books
  • Popular Books
  • Fact of the Day
  • Question of the Day
  • Your Loans / Overdues
  • Recently Returned Books
  • New Books

Featured Author / Book

The  featured author and featured book are set my the library staff. They are used to try and promote authors and specific books.

Recommended Books

We recommend books to users based on many different factors for example, other books that have been read by them, by users like them e.g. Year, Gender.

Question of the Day

Questions can be set by the library staff and then house points are automatically awarded for correct answers.

Loans / Overdues

The dashboard displays current loans and also highlights any overdue loans. Overdue loan reminders are automatically emailed out to users Google Mail accounts.


Book Pages

Book Profile Page


Each book has its own profile page which shows all of its details, reviews, available copies, author links, locations and some other buttons for user engagement. Also because we are using the Google Books API we have the ability to read any book that Google has made available to read online right from within our library system, if a book is out on loan then you can just start reading it online.
From a books page users can mark the book as read and add it to a reading list. Marking books as read allows for better recommendations to be made and the reading list give the users the ability to queue up books that they would like to read. Book reviews can also be written and house points are automatically awarded once the review has been approved.

Admin Desk

Admin Desk

The admin desk gives the library staff all the tools they need to loan resources, reserve, return, run reports and also carry out any other admin tasks that may be required.

There are many more features that I haven’t detailed and also loads more still being developed. Watch this space!


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