Hitachi – Interactive Projector

I was pretty sceptical about this product, I really couldn’t see it living up to the hype! But it really does!

The “Ultimate Interactive LCD Projector” offers an innovative solution that delivers all of the benefits of a short throw projector and interactive whiteboard without the need for complex and expensive dedicated equipment. As long as there is a flat surface available, even just a bare wall, the pen based interactive projector will perform amazingly well!

It comes with the Hitachi StarBoard Software, which has all the usual Interactive Whiteboard features but also it works with other packages too, I tried SmartNotebook and Promethean’s ActivStudio.

As a projector it also has lots of great features; a tonne of inputs including mic, network manageable, built in speakers ( you can actually hear!) and 5000 hour lamp life.


  • Easy to setup
  • Can be used as a mobile interactive whiteboard (not ideal as needs recalibrating, though this isn’t hard to do!)
  • Short throw projector – less shadow, no white spot and  no blinding 🙂
  • Slightly slower response than a conventional interactive whiteboard, although not really noticeable to a new user.
  • Saves money on a conventional setup!
  • Easily fitted by caretakers.

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