Xirrus Wireless Array

In my opinion Xirrus have got the approach to wireless exactly right! Other products using the traditional approach of having controllers and lots of access points is complex to install, costly and also fundamentally wrong.Xirrus make WiFi Arrays effectively a wireless switch. The Arrays combines the controller and access points into one. They come in all different sizes and are modular so if you only need low level of coverage then you can just put 2 modules in or in high density areas upto 16! Being modular means it is easily upgradable and also means it can support multiple technologies e.g. 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, RFID and more.The design of the arrays resembles a giant smoke alarm and Xirrus claim the 8-slot array to be able to support upto 640 clients! They have lots of figures and case studies to backup the claims.

Installation was really simple, the web based interface is easy to use and I had the array configured and working within minutes. There are many many options when configuring the device, seems to have everything you would ever need. Only thing it is currently lacking is a guest access system.I tested transferring a 500mb file in a variety of configurations. On my current WiFi system (Controller and Access Point) Using 2.4Ghz (G) it took 5 mins 48 secs, then using Xirrus 2.4Ghz (G) it took 1 min 35 secs lastly using 5Ghz (N) took 56 secs.Conclusion
Xirrus has a very flexible, efficient and cost effective system.


  • Modular (Easily Upgradable/ Expandable)
  • Supports many different technologies (A/B/G/N)
  • Easily Configurable
  • Fast!


  • XMS is too expensive (Management Software, though you only really need it if you have lots of Arrays)

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