LG Network Monitors – Low Cost, Low Energy!

LG Network Monitors allow a single PC (Server) to be shared by many users at the same time, using LG’s solution can enable you to provide independent computing to a whole classroom.

As you can imagine you will save a lot of money on the initial investment of hardware (£250RRP per screen) and then the ongoing energy costs (upto 85% less energy).

You will need to buy a fairly decent computer to run as your host machine (Server) the recommended spec is an i7 processor with 4Gb of RAM.

LG provide a software package called i-com which will allow teachers to remote control, chat, transfer files, test and power off the suite.


  • Low Hardware Costs
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Clutter Free
  • Quiet
  • Low Heat Output
  • IT Support only have one computer to fit/fix
  • Very good for web browsing, desktop publishing. Definitely shouldn’t be considered for a suite that requires video editing capabilities.


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