iPad – A Teachers Best Friend

Here are some of the things that the iPad is being used for SIMS, Internet, email, calendars, VLE, lesson plans, Schemes of Work.
Benefits of using the iPad
  • Instant Access – The iPad is always on, you do not need to wait for it to boot up and then logon.
  • All Day Battery – The battery on the iPad will last all day so there is no need to carry a charger or be near a plug socket.
  • Weighs no more than one book but can contain more than you could ever carry.
Although the iPad works great on its own, it is also used to complement a laptop, it does the things it is designed for very well e.g. the Internet, video and I have also seen it produce some pretty nice spreadsheets using numbers, but it cannot do everything a laptop can do.
Using an iPad is very intuitive but it does require learning something new, it is not a touchscreen laptop running Windows. The iPad is a very personal device, it is not a device that could be easily shared between staff. To get the most out of the iPad you will have all your personal emails, calendars and documents on it.

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