What to do with those pesky Netbooks!

If you are like me then you may have thought “Wow netbooks! double the amount of computers for your money!” Then on deploying them realised “Damn! Less than half as good as normal laptops!”
Due to the lack of decent processor and in our case lack of adequate memory that Windows demands the netbooks are very disappointing. Students find them frustrating and teachers avoid using them wherever possible!

So what can be done with them.

  1. Wait for them to die (It probably won’t be long until a frustrated student helps out)
  2. Sell them?
  3. Change the OS.

A New Operating System

I have been trialling Chromebooks and love how simple they are to deploy, how speedy the bootup time is and how they just work.
So can I make the Netbooks into Chromebooks. Well sort of yes! You can be a super geek and compile ChromeOS yourself or you can use one that has been ready made for you. Hexxeh compile versions of ChromeOS that can run from a memory stick or be installed. http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/

Be aware your homemade netbooks probably still won’t be as good as real ChromeBooks due to the hardware and they will not be manageable through a Google Apps domain but they may find a new lease of life even if only used as a quick research machine.

Maybe even spruce them up with some stickers 🙂


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